What to Look for When Selecting Your Print and Design Partner

When selecting the printing company to cater for your marketing requirements, it is important to familiarize yourself with what products they offer, examine the different print quality, artwork, colors, layout, font and wordage used … promotional brochures must deliver your message with maximum impact, displaying at a glance the professional service offered by your company.

Both quality and cost can vary significantly so ensure that you have been informed of any special deals that may be on offer, only order large quantities if you are likely to use them all to avoid the risk of a false economy!printing and prepress

Make sure that the printing company are aware of any important time schedules you may have, and obtain assurance that they can meet any dead-lines.

The essential Information to include on a detailed draft layout is: your Company name, logo, graphics, photographs, or digital images. Contact details, including address with zip code, web site, email, telephone number (many people forget this one) and remember, your customers will vary in their choices of how to communicate with you so it is important that you cater for their needs.

Include all services that your company offers but don’t focus so much on what you do and who you are – focus on what problems and needs you can satisfy and solve for your prospects and customers because that is what they are looking for.

When your Brochure is ready for print, consult the printing company design team for advice, after all, it is their expertise that you are paying for! Most print and design shops that are worth the name will be able to take your brief and information on CD, DVD or email and you can also send a print-out of the artwork for their reference. This makes sure that everyone is working from the same material and pool of ideas so you are not disappointed when you get the proofs.


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